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Twitter reacts to the Magic hiring Steve Clifford

The Magic hired a new head coach. Fans responded. Some tweets were kind, many were not

NBA: Orlando Magic-Press Conference Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Magic fans waited a long time to find out who their new head coach would be. And they wasted little time reacting to the hiring once it was finally made.

Steve Clifford was named the Magic’s coach on Wednesday and reaction to the news on Twitter was mixed. Well, mixed may be a little generous. By my estimation, about 70 percent of tweets questioned or opposed the hiring. The main gripes being 1) the Magic would be better off with a younger coach better suited for a rebuild and player development, 2) Steve Clifford is pretty damn similar to Frank Vogel, who the Magic fired a few short weeks ago, and 3) Clifford didn’t have great consistency or success with the Hornets, who fired him a few short weeks ago.

So it seems an ideal time for the latest installment of our “Twitter reacts...” series. We’ve done this a few times of late for significant moments for the Magic: like when Twitter reacted to the Magic getting the sixth pick in the NBA Draft and when Twitter reacted to Frank Vogel getting fired and when Twitter reacted to Elfrid Payton’s return to Orlando.

Below are some of the better tweets that Twitter had to offer, both good and bad, about Steve Clifford and the Magic. If you come across any others worth highlighting, feel free to share them below.