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Elfrid Payton has officially cut his hair...and there is visual proof

For many years, Magic fans were convinced that Payton’s hair affected his vision

NBA: Orlando Magic at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Elfrid Payton’s hair will no longer be able to block his shot.

A few weeks back there was speculation that Payton had cut his infamous hair but no visual proof. There is no longer any doubt.

Payton shared a photo of himself with his new cut on his Instagram story and his former teammate Evan Fournier posted the photo on Twitter.

Payton, who the Magic traded to the Suns in February, is set to become a restricted free agent. So the trip to the barber was a good move aesthetically and perhaps financially, since GMs no longer have to wonder if Payton’s long locks were in fact affecting his vision on the court as they flopped over his eyes...

Magic fans will not be happy if the now short-haired Payton goes on to become a lethal outside shooter.

Curious to see if he will grow the hair back once he signs a contract. Please don’t.