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Elfrid Payton may have finally cut his hair

There is speculation (but no definitive proof) that the former Magic guard trimmed his infamous hair

Orlando Magic v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

For years, Magic fans pleaded with Elfrid Payton to cut his infamous hair. Now two months after being traded by Orlando, it appears he may have done just that.

So let’s hold off for a moment on the important matters surrounding the Magic like finding a new coach, dealing with Aaron Gordon’s free agency and hoping for some luck in the lottery, and take a look at these developments.

While visual proof of Payton with a haircut has not yet surfaced, an Orlando-based barber posted the following photo on Instagram on Saturday holding locks of hair that sure look as if they once belonged to Payton, along with some hashtags....

Payton, who the Magic traded to the Phoenix Suns in February, also tweeted the following, perhaps alluding to a time when his hair wasn’t quite as long or widely discussed....

Payton’s hair has long been a topic of conversation, particularly among Magic fans who believed that his hair was so long that is affected his vision, or in some way altered or even blocked his shot...

A highlight compilation dedicated to Payton’s hair even made its way onto YouTube recently...

We’ll soon find out if this news is true or if it is some kind of publicity stunt or even a late April Fool’s prank similar to what the Magic did just last year on social media.

But with Payton headed into restricted free agency, it certainly seems like an ideal time to finally get a haircut rather than let prospective teams considering a contract offer wonder if the hair truly is a hindrance on the court.

Payton’s agent himself may have booked the appointment and driven him to the barber.