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This Magic Moment: The Day Aaron Gordon Helped Save the Dunk Contest

On this date in Magic history, Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine had an epic dunk-off

NBAE/Getty Images

Every now and then we will highlight a stand-out moment as part of our “On This Date in Magic History” series. It could be a dominant performance, a heartbreaking loss, a free agent signing or any other moment worth revisiting. Feel free to share your memories in the comments below or even post your own Magic Moment in the FanPosts section.

It was two years ago today that Aaron Gordon took part in what many now call the greatest dunk contest of all time.

We are all well aware of the results and how the two revitalized the dunk contest. Plus, the video speaks for itself, so no need to say much about it.

Twitter, however, commemorated the anniversary of the epic battle between Gordon and LaVine with some highly entertaining tweets, some of which we have gathered here for your convenience...

The LaVine supporters do make a compelling case as well....

And yes, it’s ironic that Zach LaVine stole the win in the dunk contest that day, and almost exactly two years to the day later, again robbed the Magic on Monday...