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Off-Day Debate: Should the Magic consider Carmelo Anthony? (Or maybe John Wall or Bradley Beal?)

With Melo’s stop in Houston coming to a close, should Orlando take a shot on the former All-Star?

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A quick note before we get started on Melo: Woj reported today that the Washington Wizards are open to including All-Star guards John Wall and Bradley Beal in trade packages, something that they’ve been hesitant to do in the past.

With Orlando’s hole at point guard, and the unexpected slump of wing Evan Fournier (shooting 42 percent from the floor, his lowest in pinstripes) Wall and Beal could be targets if the the team decides to win now.

NBA: Playoffs-Washington Wizards at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Beal would obviously be a better fit, but a steeper price, whereas the price of Wall comes in the form of his personal baggage and insanely high contract. Wall’s extension, which will start next season and pay him an average of $42,336,000 per year over the following four, is an albatross. He may he just the shot in the arm the Magic need to compete in the East, though.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

Carmelo Anthony has been through a lot in a very short amount of time.

Fourteen months ago, the smooth-shooting power forward was coming off of an All-Star season with the New York Knicks. He was seeking to escape a toxic situation and restart his career on greener pastures.

Now, three teams later, Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that he will be in need of a fourth. After being traded to Oklahoma city last year, and to Houston (through Atlanta) this year, the 16-year veteran will be leaving Houston with only 10 games played.

Melo has been memed into oblivion for his old school style of isolation-heavy play, as well as his old school mentality...

But there may be something left in the tank for a player who is one of the most dominant scorers of his generation.

Anthony won a scoring title in the 2012-13 season, and has amassed career averages of 24 points, 6.5 rebounds and 3 assists on 45 percent shooting, as well as 10 All-Star selections and six All-NBA teams. One of the first examples of the now famous one-and-done college-to-pro route, he is still only 34 years old.

Someone will claim Carmelo Anthony, but buyer beware — he is in the midst of easily the worst season of his career. In Houston, Melo trudged through career lows in points per game (13.4), three-point percentage (32.8), free throw percentage (68), and only his lone season in OKC was worse than his current field goal percentage (40.5).

So, that being said, could a team like the Magic use someone like Melo? The simple answer may be no, but his unique skillset may be helpful to Orlando’s anemic bench, which ranks 18th in the league in scoring and 27th in field goal percentage.

What do you think?


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Whether you are for the Magic signing Melo (or Wall or Beal) or completely against it, join the debate below...