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Morning Magic: Your daily headlines

A round-up of Orlando Magic content from around the web

NBA: Orlando Magic at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Each morning we will gather Magic content from around the web and deliver it to you. Consider it one-stop shopping for all Magic headlines. But first...

Magic Tweet of the Day

Magic Headlines

Which early-season stat is most concerning for the Magic? Lack of drives and free throw attempts? Low offensive rating and shooting percentage? Or one of the others.

Steve Clifford is urging players to sharpen focus and effort, writes Chris Hays of the Orlando Sentinel.

The young Magic are still searching for defensive consistency, Hays writes.

The Magic are working hard to fix defensive mistakes, writes John Denton of

Change for the Magic falls on its team leaders, writes Philip Rossman-Reich of Orlando Magic Daily.

The Magic aren’t worried about the offense, they just need to make open shots, Rossman-Reich writes.

Is D.J. Augustin doing enough to keep his starting job? Luke Duffy of Hoops Habit wonders.

The Kings are on a roll heading into their meeting with the Magic.

The Kings are having fun playing at a fast pace, writes Blake Ellington of SacTown Royalty.

Another recommended read courtesy of SacTown Royalty: The evolution of De’Aaron Fox is no accident.