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Oh no, was the Kobe Bryant/Matt Barnes no-flinch incident all a lie?

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An overhead view of the incident shows the popular GIF is not what it seems

Orlando Magic v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Kobe Bryant has won five championships, he’s scored more points than all but two players in NBA history, he has two different jersey numbers retired.

But the defining image of his legendary career has always been the following....

When the Magic and Lakers squared off in March of 2010, things were beginning to get a little heated between Bryant and Matt Barnes. As Barnes was in-bounding on the baseline, he pump-faked a pass seemingly within a millimeter of Bryant’s face.

Bryant didn’t flinch. And the Hall-of-Fame worthy GIF of the incident would go on to become the international symbol of Bryant’s badass Mamba Mentality.

Now it seems it may have all been a lie. And even as a Magic fan, this is like finding out that Mickey Mantle corked his bat or that Santa Claus isn’t real.

The overhead angle of the incident surfaced, showing that the swaying Bryant may have been to the side of Barnes when he made the fake, thus making the no-flinch far less impressive...

Judge for yourself with the video below....

And now a social media riot has broken out...