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Help Wanted at Orlando Pinstriped Post

We’re looking for help for the upcoming season.

Miami Heat v Orlando Magic Photo by Manuela Davies/Getty Images

Orlando Pinstriped Post has a small, yet dedicated staff of writers. We all have a unique voice, and style that brings in interest from all parties. However, like any general manager of a team, I can see where our roster has holes and what kind of skills we could use on our staff.

Like last season, we’re doing an open call to try and find the right pieces that can fit in and fill out our roster before the season kicks off. We need help across the board, from news reporting, to game coverage and daily, and weekly features.

Below is some information regarding all the areas we need help with.

News reporting and aggregation

A writer who wants to be involved with this aspect of the site will need a flexible schedule, particularly during the workday when news typically breaks. Our goal is to have a post ready to be published very soon after a story breaks. These types of posts aren't 2,500 word diatribes. Sometimes a couple hundred words (2-3 paragraphs) can be very effective in starting the discussion, with more detailed analysis coming later in the day or even the day after.

Features and analysis

There's obviously a ton of material that can be self generated on each team and isn't reliant on news or game play for inspiration. We have all types of content flavors on our sites: film breakdowns, trade speculation, reaction to pop culture, silly lists, game diaries, and statistical analysis.

Perhaps your forte isn't NBA X's & O's, we still have a bevy of outlets into which you can pour your writer's soul. Or maybe you've got a brand new idea for the site that you want to develop -- we're always on the lookout for passion and opinions. Ideally, people who are interested in this role would have some prior writing/blogging experience and be able to write lengthier pieces. These types of articles aren't as time-sensitive as the news and game coverage.

Game day Coverage

The staple of SB Nation -- one of the reasons people come to us and trust our coverage. There's, at minimum, 90 games to cover every season (don't forget those 8 preseason games!) and maybe even a postseason swath that's even more intensely covered. For every game we have a preview, a live GameThread and post-game coverage that includes a quick recap (posted within a half hour of game's end) and a full recap (in-depth analysis to be posted the next morning).

Someone interested in this type of writing could be involved in all of those aspects or be solely committed to helping with one of them.The people we need helping with this endeavor should be able to write concisely and would operate effectively on a schedule. Much like the News Reporting, Game Day Coverage usually provides the jumpstart for conversations and sets the tone after a win or loss.

Game Day coverage is generally shared among the site staff but you should be able to cover at least one or two games per week. Live game coverage is something many of our sites do and is often an available option for our proven and trusted staff.

If you have interest in applying for any of the above positions, please APPLY HERE.

You may be asked to supply some examples of your writing. If you do not do have any, we suggest you try writing some FanPosts on the site. We regularly check these and look for the next wave of Orlando Magic writers.