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NBA free agency 2017: Arron Afflalo picks no. 4 for Orlando Magic

The veteran swingman has selected a familiar number.

Brooklyn Nets v Orlando Magic Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

When Arron Afflalo suits up for the Orlando Magic in his second stint with the team—he signed a new deal Thursday, after bouncing around four teams in three seasons since leaving Orlando the first time—he’ll do so wearing a familiar uniform number.

The Magic announced Thursday Afflalo has selected uniform no. 4, which he wore for the club in 2012/13 and 2013/14. Fortunately for Afflalo, Elfrid Payton gave up that number to switch to no. 2, which he wore in college.

Afflalo is arguably the best Magic player to ever wear no. 4, though there’s something to be said for Payton’s franchise-leading triple-double tally and Scott Skiles’ setting the NBA’s single-game assist record while wearing it.

Pretty soon, Orlando won’t be able to issue any more single-digit uniform numbers, making them not unlike another pinstriped team: the New York Yankees.