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2017 NBA Mock Draft: Orlando Pinstriped Post edition

Would our OPP community members make quality NBA general managers? We’re going to find out.

NBA: NBA Draft Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft is an event that all basketball fans seem to enjoy. Orlando Pinstriped Post community regulars and new members alike have become all too familiar with following the draft in the last half-decade. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to the draft; prospects we love, prospects we think will bust; prospects we want the Magic to target, etc.

I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to my draft obsession, so I thought, why not celebrate my obsession with other OPP community members through a good ole’-fashioned fun, and (hopefully)-enjoyable community mock draft?

For some of the OPP community members who’ve been around for a while, you may remember that Tyler Lashbrook orchestrated this Mock Draft exercise for a couple years, and then BigMac12111 followed his lead for a couple years after that. I’m just hoping to carry on the tradition and get a little community building going with quality content happening as well.

Per your requests, I have compiled the Mock Draft Order. I did my best to pair everyone up with the team(s) they requested. A few organizations had multiple community members request them, I tried to spread the wealth as evenly as I could. A couple of you stated that you had no preference, I hope you don’t mind the teams I paired you with. And lastly, in order to have every team covered, some of you will be drafting more than once. I hope that’s not a problem. Without further delay:

Boston Celtics - Aaron Goldstone (joined OPP in 2013)
1) Markelle Fultz, Guard - Washington
Aaron says:
“Fultz is clearly and easily in a tier all by himself in this draft; there’s really no one else for the Celtics to consider (especially with the Ball camp refusing to workout for Boston)...Thomas and Bradley are Free Agents after next season, so this pick makes sense for depth reasons as well....Fultz can play right now in three-guard lineups for the Celtics, he can provide depth behind the veteran guards already on the roster, and he can be there for insurance ready to take the reins if Boston decides to not re-sign Bradley or Thomas next summer.”

L.A. Lakers - Raidmagic (joined OPP in 2012)
2) De’Aaron Fox, Point Guard - Kentucky
Raidmagic says:
“After going back and forth on this I’ve decided on Fox over Ball. I don’t want to get into the circus that is going to be Ball’s career (at least early on) with his father...We (the Lakers) need to build a team that is for each other and can do that easier by not adding a player that is going to detract from that mindset.”

Philadelphia 76ers - HeyRiles (joined OPP in 2009)
3) Lonzo Ball, Point Guard - UCLA
HeyRiles says:
“Originally, my plan was to try and trade down no matter what, because I assumed the Lakers would take Ball and I figured the Kings would be trying to trade up to get whoever they wanted. That changed somewhat when the Lakers took Fox...Philadelphia is probably fine with the baggage that goes along with Ball, if it’s even baggage at all...I think an elite distributor like Ball will do wonders for Simmons’ and Saric’s development, and he should provide a load off from Embiid having to do so much work in the paint.”

Phoenix Suns - labs03 (joined OPP in 2012)
4) Josh Jackson, Small Forward - Kansas
labs03 says:
“The obvious pick for the Suns is a Forward, and I feel Josh Jackson is the best fit for the Suns and likely the best Forward in the draft. He has (the) all around game, both offense and defense. He will be able to play the three and 4 in small ball (lineups)...My one concern is his FT%, but he hit the 3 at a reasonable 38%, I would think that the FT shooting will improve.”

Sacramento Kings - Bakerboy (joined OPP in 2015)
5) Dennis Smith Jr., Point Guard - North Carolina St.
Bakerboy says:
“The draw of putting together the backcourt of the future is too great...I think Hield and Smith would gel together well – Smith has a high ceiling and has the athleticism that will complement the emerging Kings core...I think you can’t pass up the opportunity to take the best available for what, in my mind, has become the most crucial position.”

Orlando Magic - FreeSharpiee (joined OPP in 2014)
6) Jayson Tatum, Forward - Duke
FreeSharpiee says:
“For a team seriously lacking in offensive firepower, Tatum’s size, offensive polish and skill in putting the ball in the basket will be of great value to this Orlando outfit...Not only is Tatum likely the BPA in this situation, but he also fills a position of need for the Magic without a true SF on the roster...I felt that he was the easily the (next) best option.”

Minnesota Timberwolves - All about His_own-Yaah! (joined OPP in 2017)
7) Justin Patton, Center - Creighton
All about His_own-Yaah says:
“A skilled big, with an old school mentality, but modern day skill set...Justin has shown tremendous growth in his short basketball career. Adding 30+ pounds of muscle in under a year, showing dedication to his body and craft. He has the perfect size for the 4/5 position, with tremendous athleticism to handle switching and recovering on defense.”

New York Knicks - cyberstrike (joined OPP in 2012)
8) Frank Ntilikina, Guard - France (Strasbourg)
cyberstrike says:
“Things worked out in the lottery before this pick and the Knicks get their point guard of the future...Frank Ntilikina is a long and lean 6’5" and should eventually fill his frame to run the point at the NBA level. He had a fantastic showing in the 2016 FIBA U18 Tournament, displaying his shooting touch from distance, run the pick and roll, and elite athleticism.”

Dallas Mavericks - RD13 (joined OPP in 2014)
9) Jonathan Isaac, Forward - Florida State
RD13 says:
“Jonathan Isaac can learn from probably the best stretch 4 in the history of the NBA, Dirk Nowitzki...On top of that, Isaac and Noel are a great front-court combo, very quick, athletic and versatile in todays NBA...Isaac can stretch the floor as a pick and pop guy, and I am betting on his go to guy potential.”

Sacramento Kings - jonata1803 (joined OPP in 2017)
10) Lauri Markkanen, Power Forward - Arizona
jonata1803 says:
“Markkanen is probably the best shooter in this draft, and I could see him fitting into the Kings nicely. With Smith Jr. already selected, him and Markkanen’s pick and pops could be really deadly. Overall I think this pick makes a lot of sense.”

Charlotte Hornets - Troll Wizard (joined OPP in 2014)
11) Malik Monk, Shooting Guard - Kentucky
Troll Wizard says:
“A premier scorer on 3 levels, elite athleticism, speed and shooting. The second option on offense next to Kemba Walker, he can play either in between Batum and Walker or off the bench as a 6th man of the year potential type role. With shooting at every position and 2 great facilitators to play off of, Monk can come into his own without being shoved into a sink or swim situation.”

Detroit Pistons - ibleedblue84 (joined OPP in 2016)
12) Justin Jackson, Small Forward - North Carolina
ibleedblue84 says:
“Justin Jackson will be a great addition with his knack for scoring and ability to knock down the deep ball. Detroit, like Orlando, currently needs 3pt shooting and I feel the team gets more than just that with Jackson...He plays smart and the hope is he can become an elite scorer in the NBA. Also, pairing him with Tobias for a scoring 3 and 4 combination is pretty enticing.”

Denver Nuggets - Mattlock687 (joined OPP in 2011)
13) OG Anunoby, Forward - Indiana
Mattlock687 says:
“Denver can score, ranking 4th last year in offensive rating, but they can’t stop the other team from scoring, coming in at 29th in defensive rating. Coupled with the likely loss of SF Gallinari this offseason, 19 year old sophomore OG Anunoby fills these two holes. After showing an ability to play lockdown defense in his freshman year he returned for a sophomore season looking to improve, unfortunately a season ending ACL injury kept him to 16 games.”

Miami Heat - necksnappa (joined OPP in 2011)
14) Luke Kennard, Shooting Guard - Duke
necksnappa says:
“He brings too much firepower to pass on. He can score from anywhere on the court and has a high basketball I.Q. He compares to J.J. Redick and who wouldn’t want that? While he is not as athletic or physically gifted as some of the other prospects, I feel that his IQ and work ethic will allow him to be successful in the NBA.”

Portland Trailblazers - FreeSharpiee
15) Zach Collins, Center - Gonzaga
FreeSharpiee says:
“I had assumed that Collins would have been taken by this point, and at 15 he’s a no-brainer. Standing at 7’0" tall and possessing an impressive set of athletic tools, Collins fits the bill for the modern big man in the NBA. He is very quick and light on his feet while moving around the court, along with being a fluid leaper. Alongside his physical attributes, he showcased potential as a jump shooter all the way out to the three point line in his lone year at Gonzaga, meaning that – along with his athletic tools – he may be able to play some stretch four in the NBA.

Chicago Bulls - travell7288 (joined OPP in 2010)
16) Donovan Mitchell, Guard - Louisville
travell7288 says:
“Chicago lucks out by watching Donovan Mitchell slide just far enough for them to nab him. He had a great workout in real life and is potentially a guy Chicago may look to move up to get on the real draft night. Mitchell’s primary flaw is his height (6’3") but his freakishly long arms (6’10") more than make up for the deficiency, especially on defense where it is anticipated that he can become an excellent NBA defender capable of shutting down an opponent’s best guard on a nightly basis.

Milwaukee Bucks - ambarrovecchio (joined OPP in 2017)
17) John Collins, Power Forward - Wake Forest
ambarrovecchio says:
“Collins is an extremely productive player, as evidenced by his 36.3 PER (1st in NCAA) and 27.9 pts. per 40 mins (per Draft Express, this ranks 1st in their DX Top 100). Collins has a great motor, and is a physical screener and elite roll man in the PNR. He is a more post-oriented player than one might want in the modern game, but he has shown flashes of a mid-range jumper (and his 75%FT is indicative of good shooting mechanics). His rebounding prowess (2nd best REB% among DX Top 100) will help to shore up one of Milwaukee’s main weaknesses – the Bucks ranked 24th in REB% last season.”

Indiana Pacers - Vice-Potentate (joined OPP in 2013) traded the 18th pick, along with Monta Ellis and Lavoy Allen, to the Dallas Mavericks for the rights to Wes Matthews
18) (DALLAS - RD13) Jawun Evans, Point Guard - Oklahoma St.
RD13 says:
“I was looking for a future PG in this draft. Fortunately this years class has so many good PG’s that a tremendous talent like Evans falls to the 18th Pick...On offense he runs high pick and rolls really well. With Noel on our team already this is promised to be a great combo. He can finish very well from pull ups and in various ways, averaging 19.5 ppg. He is a good passer as well, averaging 6.5 apg.”

Atlanta Hawks - Vice-Potentate
19) Jarrett Allen, Center - Texas
Vice-Potentate says:
“Jarrett Allen has the ideal size and length for an NBA center. He also is extremely raw, having not really flashed his potential until later in the year. He has a 7’5" wingspan, which bodes well for his defensive future and rebounding, and he has shown good touch around the rim which should keep him on the court in multiple lineups. With Dwight Howard locked in for a couple years, Jarrett Allen will land in an ideal situation in which he can come along slowly behind Dwight while still seeing court time as Howard rests more than occasionally.”

Portland Trailblazers - phil.k (joined OPP in 2013)
20) Terrance Ferguson, Shooting Guard - Adelaide (Australia)
phil.k says:
“With center covered with the 15th pick and no great small forwards or power forwards in this range, the Blazers go with one of the more mysterious prospects. Once a 5-star recruit, Ferguson made the surprising decision to go overseas instead of playing college ball at Arizona. Ferguson has the body, athleticism and shooting ability to be one of the premier 3-and-D players. He’s got great length for a SG, 6’ 7" height with a 6’ 9.5" wingspan and a solid max vert of 38". He’s got a smooth jumper from both mid-range and three point land as well as top level athleticism.”

Oklahoma City Thunder - cyberstrike
21) Semi Ojeleye, Forward - SMU
cyberstrike says:
“Ojeleye is a 6’7", 230 lb combo forward who is built like a tank. At this point in the draft, contributors are gold, and this kid potentially fits the bill as a 3&D player with his skill and elite athleticism... His age (22) isn’t an issue here, as he’s going to a playoff team that needs a mature player with a great work ethic that can come in and contribute right away.

Brooklyn Nets - yuvalbaneth (joined OPP in 2015)
22) Harry Giles, Center - Duke
yuvalbaneth says:
“As everyone knows, the Nets have time. They are stuck in no man’s land- not enough talent to be even mediocre...that is why we need to swing for the fences- draft the player with the highest ceiling, even though he’s got a pretty low floor. And who fits that description better that Harry Giles? As the number 2 recruit in the country coming out of high school, Giles has great potential on both ends and as a rebounder, but he’s been held back by injuries.”

***The Brooklyn Nets (yuvalbaneth) agreed to trade Jeremy Lin, Quincy Acy, and the rights to Harry Giles (22nd pick) to the Orlando Magic (Ramore) for D.J. Augustin, Mario Hezonja and the 25th pick.

Toronto Raptors - travell7288
23) T.J. Leaf, Power Forward - UCLA
travell7288 says:
“Leaf is certainly known for his offense prowess, particularly his high proficiency as a long range shooter. When Ibaka needs to catch a break, Leaf could step in and still provide enough to stretch the floor, leaving space inside for slashers like DeRozan & Lowry to operate. Shooting a cool 64.4% from 2 point range and a dangerously impressive 46.6% from 3, Leaf has the profile to become the next in a line of solid NBA stretch 4’s. Standing at 6’10" he has the height of an NBA big man and with a little time in the weight room, Leaf looks like he could become a poor man’s version of another alumni who goes by the name of Kevin Love.”

Utah Jazz - Asianmagician#15 (joined OPP in 2016)
24) Anzejs Pasecniks, Center - Gran Canaria (Spain) via Latvia
Asianmagician#15 says:
“Center is probably our strongest position in Gobert and the smart move would be to draft a SF in case Hayward is lured by the Celtics which I really doubt but will never know until we get there. However, at this point in the draft where all the SF that we like are taken we will take a player that we feel is the BPA in Pasecniks. He is 7ft 2 who handles the ball and moves fluidly while driving to the basket. He can finish with either hand and his footwork is unbelievable for a player his size. He could be a draft and stash and will be an asset as a player or trade bait.

Orlando Magic - Ramore (joined OPP in 2014) traded the 25th pick, along with D.J. Augustin and Mario Hezonja, to the Brooklyn Nets for Jeremy Lin, Quincy Acy, and the rights to the 22nd pick (Harry Giles)
25) (Brooklyn - yuvalbaneth) Ike Anibogu, Center - UCLA
yuvalbaneth says:
“As I’ve said before, the Nets have time, so we can wait on a raw prospect like Anibogu. He’s got incredible physical tools, with a 7-6 wingspan, great strength, big hands and very solid athleticism. Even though his offensive game is limited to put-backs and pick and rolls, it is his defense which makes us believe in him. He’s got the tools to be an All-NBA defender, with the ability to switch screens, protect the rim and rebound, all at a high level.”

Portland Trailblazers - phil.k
26) Isaiah Hartenstein, PF/C - Zalgiris (Lithuania) via Germany
phil.k says:
“Talk about a gem dropping in our laps. Isaiah Hartenstein is a 7’1" power forward in a center’s body meaning that he has the mobility to stay with many power forwards and form the twin tower duo with Nurkic in the future. He’s got a 7’2" wingspan, good for a center, comes in at a solid 250 lbs., but most importantly his agility is impressive. Running coast to coast, he can be first player there, plays above the rim easy and grabs rebounds like a menace.”

Brooklyn Nets - yuvalbaneth
27) D.J. Wilson, Power Forward - Michigan
yuvalbaneth says:
“Wilson is a very talented player, and we think he compliments our new bigs (Zubac and Anibogu) perfectly. He’s got great physical tools, standing at 6-10 with a 7-3 wingspan and solid athleticism. The most impressive thing we see in Wilson is his versatility. He’s a good shooter, cutter and finisher at the rim already, and we believe he has the potential to be a very good defender, with the foot speed and length to guard 4 positions.”

L.A. Lakers - Raidmagic traded the 28th pick, along with Timofey Mozgov and Ivica Zubac, to the Brooklyn Nets for the rights to Brook Lopez
28) (Brooklyn - yuvalbaneth) Frank Jackson, Guard - Duke
yuvalbaneth says:
“The Nets continue the pattern of picking raw prospects with great physical attributes and high ceilings. We think Jackson fits that exact description, with his great athleticism, length and quickness, shown in the draft combine, as well as his freshman year at Duke. Along with his great physical tools, Jackson is a very good shooter, both from the mid range and behind the arc. Maybe it looks like Jackson is caught between the two guard spots, but we think he’s long, strong and tall enough to play the 2, and believe that with the right development, he can become a good playmaker as a point guard.”

San Antonio - labs03
29) Caleb Swanigan, PF/C - Purdue
labs03 says:
“With Gasol in his last year, and Dedmon not under contract, I felt a center would be the biggest need. It was a tough call between Swanigan and Rabb, but I went with Swanigan...Swanigan had a superior TS% .63 and e FG%.57, 3 pt% of 44.7 and 15.3 rebounds per forty minutes is superior to most the centers projected in this range. He also has a great story, and with the Spurs staff they should keep him lean and mean for the foreseeable future.”

Utah - Asianmagician#15
30) Ivan Rabb, Power Forward - California
Asianmagician says:
“The Jazz are excited to find Rabb in their lap with the last pick of the 1st round. He was seen as a lottery pick had he entered the draft last year but decided to come back to college to improve his game. His strength is his rebounding and his ability to defend the pick and roll. His offense still needs polishing but he has enough upside to be a rotational player as well as the potential to play center when forced to play small ball.”

Here are the general guidelines; it’s really important that everyone follows them so things go smoothly. Everything that you will be doing in this simulation will be done BELOW in the comments section. I will be live updating this article and adding the picks after they are made below. Please keep the following in mind:

a) Pay attention to the draft order AND Pay attention to players that have already been drafted. Selecting out of order or trying to select a player that has already been taken can cause confusion. I think we will be fine if we are all cognizant to those details.

b) I’m cool with picks being traded; HOWEVER, let’s not include and PICKS FOR PLAYERS type deals during this mock draft. Things can get really confusing when talking picks, players, salaries, the salary-cap, etc. No point making trades that would never be allowed due to cap reasons. If players are involved, the trade must be ESPN Trade Machine approved. You can include picks, you can include players. BUT NO PICKS FOR PLAYERS EXCLUSIVELY deals. I don’t foresee many people trading out of their picks, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to make a mock selection, right? I guess if that’s your fancy, make deal propositions below as well....

c) Please use in the title of your comment below “With the (#) pick in the 2017 OPP Community Draft the (your assigned team) select (insert player name). Then in the comment, PLEASE WRITE 3-5 SENTENCES explaining why you picked who you picked. I will transfer that information periodically to this article.

So there you have it. I think this method is going to work best since we all are on different schedules geographically, professionally, etc. Most importantly, let’s have good discussion and have fun with this!