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Morning Magic: Your daily headlines

A round-up of Orlando Magic content from around the web

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Each morning we will gather Magic content from around the web and deliver it to you. Consider it one-stop shopping for all Magic headlines.

But first...

Magic Tweet of the Day

Magic Headlines

Just hours before Victor Oladipo went off for a career-high 47 points, our Aaron Goldstone updated us on how former Magic players have been doing around the league this year.

The Magic are a mediocre team still capable of reaching the playoffs in a weak conference, and that's not necessarily a good thing, writes George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel.

Philip Rossman-Reich of Orlando Magic Daily says that the shorthanded Magic will depend on Nikola Vucevic more than ever.

Slow news day for Magic coverage. So, even though it's tough to watch as a Magic fan, here is some bonus reading material on Victor Oladipo, if interested:

Oladipo scored 32 of his 47 points in the second half and overtime to lead Indiana to a comeback win over the Nuggets, writes Indy Cornrows.

Oladipo's late-game explosions have become a regular occurrence, writes Kristian Winfield of SB Nation.

Oladipo's career-game kept the Pacers rolling, writes Clifton Brown of the Indianapolis Star.

Oladipo keeps one-upping himself with his performances and Twitter is responding, writes Matthew VanTryon of the Indianapolis Star.

As always, if you come across any other Magic stories worth a read, feel free to share them below.