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Off-Day Debate: What’s considered a successful road trip for the Magic?

The Magic are headed out West, with the first stop being in Phoenix

NBA: New York Knicks at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On certain Magic off-days, we will pose a question that we hope will spark a friendly debate in the comments section. Topics will range from who should be starting for the Magic, to which Magic jersey is the best of all-time, to whether Aaron Gordon should be posting up more often, to the worst contract in Magic history, to whatever other Magic-related question comes to mind. All opinions and topic suggestions are welcome!

The Magic are hitting the road for a four-game West Coast trip with stops in Phoenix, Denver, Golden State and Portland.

Extended stays out West can prove difficult for even the league’s elite.

So with the Magic off to an unexpected strong start, how many wins would it take to for the road trip to be considered a success?

With a 7-4 record, and with Elfrid Payton back in the lineup, have expectations been elevated to the point that the Magic must return to Orlando having won three of four games out West?

Would breaking even at 2-2 be sufficient?

Despite Orlando’s early-season success, is simply avoiding the sweep and taking just one game enough for fans to label the road trip successful?

The Magic are currently 3-2 on the road, with impressive wins in Cleveland and New Orleans, both coming on the second night of a back-to-back.

Last season, the Magic didn’t take their first West Coast trip until a six game swing in mid-January, during which they went 1-5 with their lone win coming at Portland. In March, they lost two of three out West, salvaging the final game with a win over Phoenix.

The Magic last had a winning record on a West Coast trip in 2015 when they started the season 19-13 and went 3-2 on a five-game swing with wins in Minnesota, Utah and Denver and losses at the Clippers and Suns.

In order to become a legitimate playoff contender, winning games on the road at a consistent pace is essential. Having not won more than 13 games on the road in a season since 2011-2012, it’s time for the Magic to continue showing they are capable of winning outside of the friendly confines of Amway Arena.

That being said, how many victories would it take on this four-game road trip for you to call it a success? Join the debate below…