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Off-Day Debate: Should the Magic deal for a point guard?

Waiting for Payton and Augustin to be at full strength could derail the season

NBA: Miami Heat at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On each Magic off-day, we will pose a question that we hope will spark a friendly debate in the comments section. Topics will range from who should be starting for the Magic, to which Magic jersey is the best of all-time, to whether Aaron Gordon should be posting up more often, to the worst contract in Magic history, to whatever other Magic-related question comes to mind. All opinions and topic suggestions are welcome!

When it comes to debating whether or not the Magic should made a trade to address their point guard issues, there are two sides to the argument:

Making a trade would be a panic move

It would be based on a two-game losing streak when 90 percent of the season remains an both Elfrid Payton and D.J. Augustin are expected to be back at full strength in the not too distant future. Payton, in fact, could be back as soon as Wednesday, even if that means a minutes restriction. Until he is able to handle a full workload, Shelvin Mack and Jonathon Simmons can fill in.

Sure, the Magic had rough games against the Bulls and Celtics with Mack and Simmons starting in the point guard spot, respectively. But did you see how many open looks the Magic had and missed? Point guard play is not the only reason the offense has struggled of late. No need to giveaway assets just to bring in someone like Eric Bledsoe, who may not even make the team much better than they are now. Stay the course. Give the ball back to Payton and let him lead the Magic back to the playoffs.

Making a trade would be the right move

The disparity in the Magic's performance between the first eight games of the last two was drastic enough to warrant a trade. So yes, maybe it would be considered a panic move since it is so early in the season. But often times a panic move is the right move. A season-saving move.

The Magic got off to a promising start, one that fans had been longing for during a five-year playoff drought, and it would be a true shame to see the team not reach its full potential because of a lack of a short-term, stopgap point guard, who could also pay dividends in other ways as the season progresses.

Sure, Payton and Augustin should be back soon, but hamstring injuries can linger and there is always a chance of reaggravating the injury. Plus, Payton and Augustin both have limitations even when healthy, so why not take a chance on bringing in a veteran point guard that complements the roster? It doesn't have to be for Bledsoe. Just a savvy veteran who can push the ball and be a threat from the outside. Someone who blends the respective talents of Payton and Augustin.

If only the Nuggets had waited a few more weeks to waive Jameer Nelson!!!

So, which side of the argument do you fall on? Would you rather see the Magic move forward as is? Is there a point guard out there you’d like to see them bring in?

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