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Magic billboards light up New York City

Big time in the big apple.

It’s not every day you see Orlando Magic billboards in the New York Knicks’ backyard.

But that is the case in Manhattan right now….kind of.

As part of a Nike advertising campaign, an electronic billboard scrolls through photos of players from many NBA teams donning the company’s new jerseys. That includes images of Elfrid Payton and Aaron Gordon, which stretch about a dozen stories high, and can be seen just down the block from Madison Square Garden.

The Magic images - which include the Nike swoosh logo and the phrase “Orlando Wants it All” – show Payton doing an up-and-under and Gordon in the midst of an acrobatic dunk.

With the Magic in Brooklyn to play the Nets tonight, they may want to have the team bus swing by the corner of 34th Street and 7th Avenue in New York City to get a look.