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Orlando Magic unveil new “Stars” jerseys

The Magic added a third alternate to their collection of jerseys on Tuesday.

Orlando Magic’s “Star” jersey
Orlando Magic

For the second time in three years, the Orlando Magic will be adding another alternate jersey to their stable.

The new jersey, a black base with the Magic logo and white and blue stripes around it with the number in the top right corner, will be worn in select games throughout the 2016/17 season. The jersey, called “Stars” will be the Magic’s fifth jersey, joining their white and blue home and away pinstripes, black alternate pinstripes, and gray sleeved “Pride” jerseys, which the team wears during Friday night home games.

Now, the Magic made a big misstep adding the “Pride” jerseys a few years ago, and made it even worse this time. The jerseys, which look like they should be worn either in practice or during Summer League, have no cohesion whatsoever with their other four jerseys.

The design of the jersey looks like one that will open up the potential for more adds to be placed on the jersey following the test run of the small patch beginning next year.

The reaction from many has been the same: the jerseys are bad, and look like they should be worn for practice or a summer league game. But, some people got more creative.

Props to the Magic for going outside of the box and trying something new, but these ultimately fell flat.