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Magic would be wise to trade NBA Draft pick

Orlando has options with the 11th pick, but trading it would be their best.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After three years of holding picks in the top-5 in the draft, the Orlando Magic have their first pick outside of the top-10 since 2012 when they selected Andrew Nicholson 19th overall. That pick, 11th overall selection, puts the Magic in a tricky position.

In what many consider to be a weak draft, the Magic could be on the outside looking in at one of the better players in the draft. They could also hit a home run and find a player who could contribute in the short-term and long-term as they hope to make the playoffs for the first time since 2012.

With the goal of making the playoffs next season very clear, it would be in the Magic's best interest to move the pick, be it before, during or after the draft, to bring in more veteran leadership to an already young core.

While moving the pick might be risky, due to the potential of a player becoming a star or a high impact player, the Magic aren't in a position to select another player in his late teens or early twenties and wait for them to be ready to contribute. They're ready to take the next step in their rebuild with the core they have in place, and adding another rookie seemingly wouldn't help that.

Also, as previously noted, this draft is much weaker after the first two-to-four picks, which hurts the Magic's chances of hitting a home run should they keep the pick.

Being willing to move the pick could also open up more options via trade for the team.

With Ersan Ilyasova's $8.4 Million dollar contract being just $400,000 guaranteed next season, the Magic have a piece that could entice teams looking to cut costs, or even move into a rebuilding phase. They also have a stable full of young talent that could allow them to make a big splash, should that be the direction they believe is the best.

Talking to teams like the Chicago Bulls, or Memphis Grizzlies, who are heading towards inevitable rebuilds, could lead the Magic to getting a piece that can help them move forward now, and in the years to come.

Should the Magic keep the pick, they'll have options at 11 that could fill needs for the team, even if it's a year or two down the road. In the late-lottery, many mock drafts have players with the potential to be average-to-good rim protectors, which the Magic desperately need.

In the end, the Magic will have plenty of options when it comes to the 11th pick. They could make the selection and keep the pick, reaping the benefits down the line. They could, and probably should, move the pick, be it before or after the draft, and bring in the veterans the roster so desperately needs.

Nevertheless, it'll be interesting to see how the Magic attack the 11th pick in two weeks weeks.