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The history of the NBA Draft's 11th pick

The 11th pick in the Draft has been hit or miss, but some of the hits have been really big.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

After selecting in the top-5 the past three years, the Orlando Magic find themselves in some different, yet familiar, territory.

Following a 10-win improvement, the Magic finished the 2015-16 regular season with a 35-47 record, earning them the 11th best odds in the NBA's draft lottery. After conjuring up no magic on lottery night, the Magic will select 11th for the fourth time in the franchises' history.

Of those three previous drafts, two of them worked out well.

The first, their inaugural draft in 1989, produced Nick Anderson, one the team's most successful players, and holder of a handful of franchise records. Anderson spent 10 of his 13 years with the Magic, and helped them to their first finals appearance in 1994-95.

After Anderson came the Magic's worst pick in the franchises' 27-year history: Fran Vazquez. Vazquez, who many expected to be a top-5 selection in the 2005 NBA draft slid, which led the Magic, who didn't workout or talk with the Spanish big man, to select him 11th overall. Vazquez never played a minute for the Magic, electing to stay in his homeland of Spain.

Following the Vazquez disaster, the Magic got their chance to redeem themselves in 2006. Holding the 11th pick for the second consecutive year, the team selected sharpshooting guard J.J. Redick. While it took Redick a few years to adjust to the NBA game, he became an important contributor to the Magic's second finals bound team, and continues to have success with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Orlando's three selections aside, the number 11 pick has produced some quality players, as well as some high-calibre star level players.

In 1987, the Indiana Pacers selected Reggie Miller with the 11th pick, helping turn their franchise around, and produce one of the greatest shooters in NBA history. Seven-time NBA champion Robert Horry was selected by the Houston Rockets in 1992, and while he might not have put up the biggest numbers in his career, Horry played important roles on a handful of championship teams.

Most recently, the 11th pick showed some signs of regaining traction with the Golden State Warriors selecting Klay Thompson in 2011. Thompson, one of the best shooters in the game. has helped build one of the most dynamic and explosive backcourts in todays league.

While he hasn't had the success after a Rookie of the Year season, Michael Carter-Williams was taken 11th in 2013. Despite his struggles and clear issues on the court, Carter-Williams has still had some success, which can't go unnoticed.

Despite the quality of some players, the 11th pick has also churned out it's fair share of busts. Along with the previously noted Vazquez, the likes of Terrence Williams (2009), Acie Law (2007), Andris Biedrins (2004), and Jerome Moiso (2000) have also struggled to gain any traction in the league, falling out after a few unsuccessful seasons.

Needless to say, the 11th pick in the draft has been very feast of famine over the years. It's produced some high level talent, some good role players and some guys who ultimately weren't successful in the league.

The Magic will have a lot of options with the 11th pick, should they keep it, come draft night, and if they're lucky, they could hit the jackpot.