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Williams, Hennigan to represent Magic at draft lottery

The Magic will have some good luck on their side with Pat Williams at the draft lottery.

Elsa/Getty Images

The Orlando Magic have their plans set for the May 17th NBA Draft Lottery.

According to the Orlando Sentinel's Josh Robbins, Magic co-founder Pat Williams, along with general manager Rob Hennigan will represent the team when they learn where they will pick in this June's draft. Williams, who has "won" the top pick for the Magic three times, will be in the room where the ping pong balls are selected, with Hennigan representing the team on stage, according to Robbins.

Having finished with a 35-47 record, the Magic have the 11th best odds of securing the top pick.

Sitting in 11th means the Magic will pick in one of seven spots:  first, second, third 11th, 12th, 13th or 14th. There is a 90 percent chance the Magic will pick 11th, with the only possible movement coming from either them, or a team below them, jumping into the top-3.

The Magic will have a less than three percent total chance of moving into the top-3, with third being the highest at 1.2 percent.

As Robbins outlines in his post, this years lottery will have an effect on the Magic's draft selections in the coming years as well.

With the Los Angeles Lakers still owing the Magic a pick from the Dwight Howard blockbuster -- they also owe a top-3 protected pick this year to the Philadelphia 76ers (via Phoenix Suns)  -- how the aforementioned Lakers pick falls will effect when the Magic get the selection.

Should the pick be conveyed to the 76ers this season -- it would have to fall outside of the top-3, which has a 44.2 percent chance of happening -- the Lakers would owe the Magic a top-5 protected selection in 2018. If the Lakers don't convey their selection to the Sixers until 2017, the pick would come to Orlando, unprotected, in 2019.

As it stands, the Magic will likely be looking at the 11th pick in the draft, their fourth straight lottery selection, and first pick outside of the top-10 since 2012 when they selected Andrew Nicholson 19th overall.