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NBA Draft Lottery: Magic strike out, end up with 11th pick

The Magic will hold the 11th pick, as well as two second-rounders, in the upcoming draft.

Elsa/Getty Images

The Draft Lottery came and went with little drama for the Orlando Magic.

As expected, the Magic will be have the 11th pick in next months NBA Draft. It's the fourth consecutive year the Magic will pick in the lottery, but first time since 2012 that they will be picking outside of the top-5 with their pick -- they had a second first round pick via the Denver Nuggets in 2014 that was 12th overall.

The Magic held a slim chance of moving into the top-3 in the draft -- 2.9 percent to be exact -- compared to a 90.74 percent chance they'd wind up with the top pick overall.

After the shocking news of Scott Skiles' resignation last week, the Magic will be tasked with finding a new head coach, as well as their draft prep. With a stable full of 20-something's already, the Magic could look to move the draft pick in order to acquire a veteran to help move the team forward in their prolonged rebuild.

With the Los Angeles Lakers staying in the top-3, the Lakers will still owe the Philadelphia 76ers a first round selection next year. Because of this, the Magic will be hoping the Lakers convey their selection next year to have an unprotected pick from the Lakers in 2019. If that does not happen, the Magic will be given two second round picks.

Should the Magic keep the pick, there's a few different directions the team could choose to go. Many mock drafts have project big men Deyonta Davis from Michigan State, as well as Skal Labissiere from Kentucky slated to go around the 11th selection. They could also choose to go with someone who could have a more immediate impact, like Denzel Valentine also from Michigan State.

Needless to say, the Magic will have plenty of options with the 11th pick come June 23rd, and the days leading up.

Draft Order

Selection Team
1 Philadelphia 76ers
2 Los Angeles Lakers
3 Boston Celtics (via Brookyln)
4 Phoenix Suns
5 Minnesota Timberwolves
6 New Orleans Pelicans
7 Denver Nuggets
8 Sacramento Kings
9 Toronto Raptors
10 Milwaukee Bucks
11 Orlando Magic
12 Utah Jazz
13 Phoenix Suns (From Washington)
14 Chicago Bulls