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Historic night paces Magic as they look for consistency

the Magic put forth big numbers across the board, and it paid off as they got their second straight win.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Some nights everything just goes your way.

That was was the case on Tuesday night for the Orlando Magic against the Brooklyn Nets. Coming in off a convincing win against the Chicago Bulls on Saturday night, the Magic laid it on the Nets from the start, leading by as many as 37, with the lead staying above 20 for much of the night.

The win -- which gave the Magic their first set of consecutive wins since February 7th and 8th against the Atlanta Hawks -- brought forth many big, impressive numbers for the Magic.

Orlando's 139 points were their most since their 139 point outburst against the Sacramento Kings in February of 2009, the same night the team set the NBA's single-game record for most three-pointers made in a game. The 139 point output is their fourth most in a single game in franchise history.

The Magic's 40 assists were a season-high, surpassing their previous high of 37, and tied the franchises' fourth highest mark, which was done in April of 1995. On top of the assists, the Magic shot 61.5 percent on the night, the 10th such time they've shot 61 percent or better in a single game, and first time since March of 2008.

On an individual level, Andrew Nicholson became just the 38th player in NBA history -- Karl Malone is the only player to do it twice -- to have a game of 24 or more points while shooting 10 percent from the field with a minimum of nine field goal attempts. Nicholson, who finished with a career-high 24,

While all the accolades and historical nights are fine and good, the fact that the Magic got the win is more important.

With the season rapidly winding down -- the team has just eight games remaining -- building any sort of consistency and momentum is important as they head into the offseason. They're just taking it one game at a time, however, with the Indiana Pacers, on the road, up next.

Coach Scott Skiles, who was overall pleased with how his team played, put it simply saying "that's what we have to do" in regards to building some consistency the remainder of the season. "We've got to come out and be ready ti play. We're back-to-back now, and we played well, and now we have back-to-back games and playing back-to-back games has not been a strength of ours.

"So, that's exactly what we have to do. We've got to regroup a little bit tomorrow and go in there and hopefully have our third energetic game in a row."

No matter what the outcomes of the games may be, Evan Fournier, who finished Tuesday night with 15 points, knows him and his teammates will continue to play hard.

"We have a tough stretch," said Fournier. "We have a few back-to-backs coming up. We're going to keep playing hard regardless. We can't be satisfied. We've got to keep playing that way for the last eight games."

Despite their struggles in the second half, the Magic have played some better basketball of late. Despite having only two wins in their past eight contests, the Magic have shown a better overall energy level, and have had chances to win many of those games.

At the end of the day, it's ultimately about the team staying present as Aaron Gordon said.

"We're just trying to stay present," said Gordon, who had yet another highlight reel dunk that got the Magic going after a sloppy start. "It definitely would've meant more if we were chasing a playoff spot, but we're still improving. We're still learning, and we're still becoming familiar with each other."

With the team starting to hit their stride, the historical night isn't much of a surprise. They got things going early, albeit against a bad team, and ended up having a monster performance because of it.

They still have a long way to go, and the final eight games this season will teach us a lot, but Tuesday night was a big win, not only from a statistical view, but a confidence and momentum view as well.