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2016 NBA Trade Rumors: Orlando Magic open to moving Tobias Harris, per report

A report indicates the Magic might be willing to part with their starting small forward.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As the NBA trade deadline nears, more and more rumors begin to seep out about players teams could potential look to move. For the Orlando Magic, that player could be Tobias Harris.

According to a report from ESPN's Marc Stein, the Magic are listening to offers on the versatile forward, who has seen some up-and-down play throughout much of the season.

The most important thing to note here is the fact that the Magic aren't openly shopping Harris, rather showing willingness to talk about their small forward. With a young roster in need of veteran presence, and the potential that the pieces they currently have don't all fit together, no one should be considered off guard.

The ESPN Insider followed up by saying the Magic were looking to become "more seasoned" something that Harris, who just sign a four-year deal worth $64 million in the offseason, could potential bring them with his higher salary.

Harris' name isn't the first to come up in possible trade talks for the Magic. Last week, a report surfaced that the team could be looking to move Channing Frye, who has struggled since joining the team prior to last season.

Orlando's's reported willingness to move Harris shows that the Magic are in a position where they're ready to begin moving forward in their rebuilding process. While they've shown improvements, they're still not where they want to be.

With a roster rife with young assets, it's simply time the Magic consider cashing some of those chips in to get a veteran who can make a difference with the young core they have. At the end of the day, Harris could end up being the odd man out because of that.