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Gordon, LaVine put on a show in exhilarating All-Star Saturday Night

Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine stole the show on All-Star Saturday night.

Elsa/Getty Images

After watching Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Karl-Anthony Towns stun Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas in the Skills Challenge, and Klay Thompson knocking off teammate Stephen Curry in the three-point contest, the high flyers put on a show.

From the start, it was clear that Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon, and Timberwolves guard Zach LaVine were the favorites. Gordon, who came in having never lost a dunk contest, showed off an easy 360 in the first round, notching a score of 45 with the judges, the best until LaVine's 50 to finish up the first dunk of round one.

The electrifying duo were just getting started, however. After watching both Andre Drummond and Will Barton struggle with the second attempts in round one -- Drummond and Barton ultimately finished third and fourth -- Gordon took the show over once again. With help from the Magic's mascot Stuff, Gordon jumped over the fluffy dragon, who was standing on a hoverboard, and went between the legs for one of the most impressive dunks of the night.

Because Gordon was unable to finish the dunk on his first attempt, the second-year man was only given a 49, but was enough to carry him into the second round, despite LaVine scoring a second consecutive 50.

The third round things began heating up even more. Once again with the help of Stuff, Gordon electrified the crowd with a one-handed 360 smash after taking the ball from the mascot, who was spinning around on the hoverboard. Oh, Gordon also threw his off arm behind his head for extra style points. The dunk, which LaVine answered in his own strong way, was scored a 50 by the judges, tying the two up after three dunks.

Gordon's fourth dunk was his most impressive. Once again using the Magic mascot, Gordon jumped over him, putting himself into a seated position, before taking the ball from underneath his legs and finishing with his left hand. Gordon once again scored a 50, but was matched when LaVine jumped from the free throw line for the second time of the night, finishing with a windmill to send contest into a "Dunk off."

With both contestants appearing to be running short on ideas, Gordon turned to teammate Elfrid Payton for the assist. Payton, who was sitting courtside supporting his teammate, throws a pass off the side of the backboard, which Gordon promptly finishes with an impressive two handed reverse windmill. LaVine answered with a reverse of his own off a self pass from behind the backboard.

In their final dunks, both players appeared confused about what exactly to do. Gordon went from the baseline with an impressive reverse finish, that saw him touch the ball behind head, and down near his ankles before throwing it down. The judges weren't that impressed, however, giving Gordon his second lowest score of the night, a 47. Finishing the night off, LaVine jumped from the free throw line once again, going between the legs. The judges once again gave the Timberwolves guard a 50, giving him the win.

Following the contest, Gordon said he would do the event again, if he was asked.

At the end of the day, Gordon was the more impressive dunker overall, but came up short after the voters didn't find his sixth dunk as impressive. It should come as no surprise the highly athletic forward nearly won, considering he never lost a dunk contest coming in.

All-Star weekend wraps up on Sunday, with the All-Star game between the Eastern and Western Conferences.