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Introducing Pinstriped Post Night 2016

We've teamed up with the Magic to help send a group underprivileged kids to a game.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

As our friends at Bright Side of the Sun and Blazers Edge have previously done, we have been presented with an opportunity that's bigger and more important than anything else we've previously done here.

We need you all to show up, show out and help us make some kids nights, possibly even their years.

Everyone here at Orlando Pinstriped Post is elated with the opportunity to host the first ever "Pinstriped Night" later this season. What is Pinstriped Night, you ask?

It's simple.

With your help, yes YOU, we're going to send a group of underprivileged kids -- selected by the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation -- to the Magic's home game on April 3rd against the Memphis Grizzlies. This is a big event not only for us, but for the team as well.

Why did we pick the game against the Grizzlies? Well, along with the quality of the opponent, the game falls on a Sunday night, which means that following the game, the kids would have a chance to make their way down to the court and attempt a layup on the floor. Add in the fact they get to take in a game for, possibly, the first time in their lives? It could end up being an absolutely Magical night for everyone involved.

If we have a big enough turnout as well, we could have the opportunity to do it again next season, with even bigger possibilities, including meet and greets and Q&A's.


Here's how it works

  • You click this link to start: Orlando Pinstriped Post night.
  • Once prompted, use our code "PINSTRIPE" to access the deal.
  • Once there, select however many tickets you would like to purchase. Should you purchase 10 or more tickets, you yourself will get a pair of tickets of your own in the All-Star Deck on the Amway Centers Club Level.
  • Tickets are $15 dollars each. One ticket sends one child, two sends two, etc.
  • Upon purchasing the tickets, you'll need to forward the tickets directly to Josh Strumlauf of the Magic ticket sales department. You can reach Josh at
  • If you purchase more than 10 tickets, you should also contact Josh directly about receiving your pair of tickets for the game either by email or phone at 407-916-2687.
  • The kids will be part of a pre-game presentation as well.
  • For those that purchase 10 or more, they will also have a chance to do a Q&A with myself at halftime of the game.


The guys at both Bright Side of the Suns and Blazers Edge have had great success doing this, and we hope we're able to as well. Dave Deckard, the managing editor at Blazers Edge, shared a heartfelt message about seeing the reaction to the kids being able to attend their first game.

Then come the stories from the night itself. Car rides or max rides in. Sometimes a special dinner. Wide eyes, like the kids can't believe they got invited to this. Walking into the Moda Center for the first time...there's something awe-inspiring about seeing the big scoreboard and the floor logo for the first time. And then when the game starts, the noise! The cheering. The stories that come pouring out afterwards from teachers and parents about how they got to see their kids smile and be kids for a while.

We've heard again and again how much this simple gesture means. You wouldn't think one game can make such a difference, but it does. As I said, last year we did this one...thousand...times...over, an incredible achievement. Our demand was also higher than ever before as news about the event spreads. We're looking to equal or exceed that number again this year.

Blazers Edge has been able to send over 1,000 kids to games the last few years. The guys at Bright Side of the Sun sent over 600 the first time they did something like this this season.

Needless to say, it's something that's very near and dear to our hearts, and we hope that you all are able to help and spread the joy to some underprivileged children and allow them a chance to attend a game that they would other wise not be able to attend.