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Mario Hezonja, as his Orlando Magic teammates describe him

Victor Oladipo and Nik Vucevic say the rookie can help Orlando offensively.

Mario Hezonja
Mario Hezonja
Fernando Medina - Orlando Magic

Mario Hezonja's Orlando Magic teammates haven't gotten to know him too well yet. It's not that he's unfriendly, but rather that he's been busy representing Croatia in EuroBasket.

The 19-year-old rookie is one of the hottest topics among Magic fans as they look forward to the season ahead, given his high potential, flashy style of play, and remarkable swag. Here's what his coach and some of his new teammates had to say Friday during the Magic's annual media-day session.

Victor Oladipo:

He's agreat guy. He's right next to me in the locker room. You can just tell he has great energy. But when it comes to the court, he's all about winning, and that's perfect. We need that.

Nik Vučević:

I think he's the type of player we've kind of been missing in the past, a guy that, on the wing, he can shoot it, he can take it to the basket, [and] he's athletic at the same time.

Oladipo, take two:

He's gonna be great for us. He's gonna spread the floor, definitely, for us. He can definitely create for others as well. He has a great frame. Athletic, young, out running. So he fits perfect.

Coach Scott Skiles:

We're really high on him. He shoots it. He's a great athlete. He has good vision, good size.

It's just... you never know with rookies, even though he's not a typical rookie because he's been playing professionally at a high level [for years]. You just don't know, particularly early on, how a guy reacts to the NBA athleticism, length, and quickness.

He has a tendency to drive and kind of not have a plan while he's driving and get a little out-of-control, which is typical of a young player, but the sky's the limit for the guy.

Magic fans will get their first look at Hezonja in game action when the preseason opens Saturday against the Charlotte Hornets.

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