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Orlando Pinstriped Post community Draft board: Pick no. 8

Another international player made the top 10 on our community board. Who'll be next?

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The NBA Draft is nearly upon us, so what better time to gauge the Orlando Pinstriped Post community's ranking of favorite prospects? That's right: the OPP community Draft board has returned.

Orlando Magic fans voted Friday to place Croatian swingman Mario Hezonja at the seventh spot on the board.

In Eurocup play for FC Barcelona, Hezonja demonstrated impressive scoring chops: he averaged 7.7 points per game in 17 minutes, shooting 38.2 percent on three-pointers and 57.1 percent inside the arc.

Hezonja claimed 45 percent of Friday's vote, holding off Emmanuel Mudiay (31 percent) by a comfortable margin.

In the poll attached to this post, please vote for the NBA Draft prospect who should rank eighth on the Magic's Draft board.

Having reiterated the rules, let's vote! The poll closes at midnight Saturday. We'll reveal the winner and keep the voting rolling daily as often as we can leading up to the Draft on June 25th.

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