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Tobias Harris, Tom Thibodeau, and the rest of the week's top Magic stories

A digest of the week's most important Magic stories.

Tobias Harris
Tobias Harris
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the week's Orlando Magic news at a glance.

  1. UN-DER-RATE-ED clap clap clapclapclap: Stephen Shea explains why Tobias Harris is the NBA's most underrated player. In a nutshell: his skills--scoring, rebounding, and reliable outside shooting--fit nicely into how the game has evolved over the past decade-plus. What I found particularly interesting are Shea's notes on Harris' defense. With acknowledgement to magicfaninTN, who fanshotted the story.
  2. AN EYE ON THE WINDY CITY: Chicago Bulls coach and Magic fan lust-object Tom Thibodeau could be on the outs, a report says, as management is "obsessed with" letting him go. If you're wondering why the Magic's coaching search is off to a slow start, this answer's as good as any.
  3. WINGS: Matt Graber evaluates Victor Oladipo, Evan Fournier, and the rest of Orlando's wing players. He's pretty bullish on Oladipo; I am slightly less sold.
  4. GO GO, GADGET FORWARDS: Elsewhere, I took a look at Orlando's trio of versatile forwards who don't fit neatly into the "wing" or "big" designations. I'm fully on board the Harris train, and that's before I read Shea's story about him.
  5. WHIMSY: I liken Aaron Gordon to an incredibly goofy C-list DC Comics superhero. No, it's not Lightning Lad. He's D-List at best.

Thanks for reading. Keep it locked on OPP throughout the offseason as we continue our player evaluations, cover the Magic's search for a head coach, and examine some NBA Draft prospects.

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