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Aaron Gordon is the Magic's Plastic Man

"I can just mold into any shape or form that I want," said Orlando's 20-year-old forward.

Aaron Gordon
Aaron Gordon
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Following his rookie season, Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon dropped his finest sound bite as a professional. Regarding his outlook for the future, Gordon said, "There's definitely improvement needed," according to Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel. "But there’s no ceiling for me, and I can just mold into any shape or form that I want."

Gordon's self-assessment indicates his high level of confidence, but it also suggests his superheroic potential. Indeed, that description lines up nicely with the abilities of the DC Comics hero Plastic Man, whose shape-shifting powers are only limited by his own imagination.

As we noted in our review of Gordon's season, the Arizona product's rare skill set enables him to play either forward position at both ends of the floor. It's not exactly like transforming into a water pump or a fishing rod or an airplane, but it's sort of the basketball equivalent of that.

(Work with me here, please.)

Yes, the Magic have had their own Plastic Man before: Stacey Augmon was the first NBA player with that nickname, and he wound down his career in Orlando. But with apologies to Augmon, Gordon would appear to have a stronger claim to the Plastic Man nickname even despite Augmon's longevity.

Should we accept this new moniker for Gordon, Plastic Man would join a surprisingly robust team of Orlando superheros: Dwight Howard and Shaquille O`Neal (Superman); Tony Battie (Batt-Man); and Darrell Armstrong (The Flash). And it bears noting here that Elfrid Payton, another Magic rookie from Gordon's class of 2014, has a Flash tattoo on his right bicep.

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