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Scott Skiles headlines the week in Magic news

The Magic's former point guard and possible future coach stands as the top story in Orlando hoops.

Scott Skiles
Scott Skiles
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Not long after I posted this story about the slowly developing nature of the Orlando Magic's search for a new head coach, rumors on that front began to pick up in intensity. Proving, once and for all, that I have impeccable timing.

Here are those stories, and a few others, as we recount the week in Magic news.

  1. SKILES MANIA, PART ONE: It started innocently enough. On Saturday, Yahoo! Sports reported Scott Skiles was the most likely candidate to helm the Magic in the season ahead.
  2. SKILES MANIA, PART TWO: The story picked up steam Monday morning, when another outlet reported that Orlando's bringing Skiles aboard was imminent, and could occur in the week ahead.
  3. SKILES MANIA, PART THREE: In a new and not altogether surprising development, another report suggested Magic owner Rich DeVos was driving the team's desire to hire Skiles. The 51-year-old has 12 seasons of coaching experience and is respected for his no-nonsense, defense-first approach. And he's also, probably not coincidentally, a key part of Orlando's NBA history, having starred at point guard for five Magic seasons.
  4. THIBS OUT: Elsewhere in coaching, the Chicago Bulls manufactured another job vacancy and added another candidate to Orlando's pool Thursday when they dismissed Tom Thibodeau. Based on comments OPP readers have posted throughout the offseason, Magic fans seriously want Thibodeau to take over their club. I think it's a bit reductive to regard Thibodeau as a high-rent version of Skiles, as some posters here tend to do, and I imagine he'd enjoy immense success in Orlando. Or wherever he ends up, really.
  5. WHIMSY: Lil B said something positive about the Magic to his 1.1 million Twitter followers. "Thank you, Based God" is the expression, I gather.

That's all for this week's roundup. Stay tuned to OPP throughout the weekend for Zach's look at Skiles' potential fit with the Magic.

Thank you for reading.

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