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The NBA Draft headlines the week in Magic news

Orlando knows where it's picking next month. That story and more in this week's Magic news roundup.

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The Orlando Magic's quiet offseason picked up a bit Tuesday with the NBA Draft Lottery. Let's take a look at that story and a few others from the week.

  • FIVE ALIVE: For the first time in the last three years, the Magic didn't fall backward in the Lottery; instead, they held their ground, and will select fifth in the Draft on June 25th. Moving up, as the Los Angeles Lakers managed to do, would have been ideal, but Orlando can't be too bummed about sticking at five. There ought to be several potential contributors there, and given the Magic's litany of needs, they'll be able to address at least one with their pick.
  • MOCK THIS: After the Lotto, several writers--including the three excerpted in this piece--updated their mock Drafts. Each writer has Orlando selecting an international player, with two of them agreeing on Croatian wing Mario Hezonja.
  • HOW THEY PLAN TO SPEND THEIR SUMMER VACATION: After the Draft comes Summer League, the schedule for which event the Magic released Thursday. We don't yet know who'll represent the Magic on their two teams, but assuming he's healthy, whomever they Draft is a safe bet to appear. Getting Aaron Gordon some heavy reps after a mostly lost rookie season figures to be a priority.
  • YOUR WEEKLY THIBODEAU UPDATE: A report out of Wisconsin indicates the Magic will make Tom Thibodeau, currently the Chicago Bulls' head coach, a lucrative offer to take over their team. Chicago was only just eliminated from postseason play, so Thibodeau's situation may not be resolved for a while yet.
  • WOULD YOU RATHER: The Magic have but one of three available coaching positions. Zach takes a look at how theirs stacks up to the vacancy in the Crescent City. Would Thibodeau, or another coaching candidate, prefer to take over the New Orleans Pelicans?

Thank you, as always, for reading. See y'all around.

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