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Orlando Pro Summer League 2015 teams, schedule announced

Ten teams, including two representing the Orlando Magic, will take part at the OPSL in 2015.

Elfrid Payton
Elfrid Payton

The Orlando Magic announced Thursday the teams who will participate in the 2015 Orlando Pro Summer League at the Amway Center practice court. Additionally, they released a full schedule for the 2015 edition of the annual event, which tips off on Saturday, July 4th.

The Magic will field two teams--dubbed Orlando Blue and Orlando White--in the 2015 Orlando Pro Summer League. In addition, the Brooklyn Nets, Charlotte Hornets, Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Clippers, Memphis Grizzlies, Miami Heat, and Oklahoma City Thunder will join them, making a total of 10 Summer League teams from nine different franchise.

For the third consecutive year, a tournament format will be used to determine the League's overall winner: teams earn four points for winning a game and one point for winning a quarter; in the event of a tied quarter, both teams receive 0.5 points, meaning each game is worth eight points in the standings.

The first standings tiebreaker is point differential. The second is total points allowed. In the event that neither of those two measures breaks a tie, the teams will rely on a coinflip.

As always, the event is not open to the public. NBA TV will broadcast the action and is set to release that information later.

Teams will likely release their rosters just days before the event tips off, though it's a safe bet that all their Draft picks and a few of their second-year players will participate. For Orlando, that means Elfrid Payton, Aaron Gordon, and Devyn Marble figure to suit up, though there's no word yet on whether they'll represent the same Orlando team.

The schedule is listed below.

Saturday, July 4th

  • 9 AM: Miami at Indiana

  • 11 AM: Detroit at Orlando White

  • 1 PM: Orlando Blue at L.A.

  • 3 PM: Charlotte at Oklahoma City

  • 5 PM: Memphis at Brooklyn

Sunday, July 5th

  • 1 PM: L.A. at Detroit

  • 3 PM: Memphis at Charlotte

  • 5 PM: Brooklyn at Miami

Monday, July 6th

  • 1 PM: Indiana at Orlando White

  • 3 PM: Orlando Blue at Oklahoma City

  • 5 PM: Detroit at Miami

Tuesday, July 7th

  • 1 PM: Orlando Blue at Memphis

  • 3 PM: Brooklyn at Charlotte

  • 5 PM: Oklahoma City at L.A.

Wednesday, July 8th

  • 1 PM: Orlando White at Charlotte

  • 3 PM: Indiana at Detroit

  • 5 PM: L.A. at Miami

Thursday, July 9th

  • 3 PM: Indiana at Orlando Blue

  • 5 PM: Brooklyn at Orlando White

  • 7 PM: Oklahoma City at Memphis

Friday, July 10th (Championship Day)

  • 8 AM: 6th place at 5th place

  • 10 AM: 4th place at 3rd place

  • 12 PM: 2nd place at 1st place

  • 2 PM: 8th place at 7th place

  • 4 PM: 10th place at 9th place

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