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Orlando Magic Christmas uniforms leaked

Orlando's new holiday look: cream uniforms with blue cursive Magic script.


It's far too early to know if the Orlando Magic will be playing on Christmas Day 2015, but thanks to UniWatch, we at least know what they'll be wearing if they do.

Paul Lukas has obtained renderings of every NBA Christmas Day uniform for 2015, and they certainly don't disappoint: as he notes, the uniforms are refreshingly free of gimmicks like color-on-color, sleeves, and first names. After going bold with those unpopular looks over the last three Christmases, the NBA has gone traditional--but with a twist--for 2015.

Every team's new Christmas look, including the Magic's, features the team name in a cursive wordmark "meant to evoke the feel of the fancy script on a Christmas card," says Lukas. And Orlando's uniform, rather than its customary white, is a cream color--Lukas calls it "greige"--which signifies parchment paper. Further, the NBA logo above the player's last name on the back of the jersey is made to resemble a wax seal.

See what I mean about traditional?

Thankfully, the uniforms still maintain Orlando's sense of character: the team's signature pinstripes, which taper out at the collar of the jersey, remain.

What do you make of the Magic's new threads?

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