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The coaching search and the other top Magic stories of the week

A quick glance at the headlines indicates the question of who'll next coach the Magic is a popular one.

James Borrego
James Borrego
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Orlando Magic's long offseason is just beginning, but there's still plenty of news to cover. Let's recap the top five Magic stories from the week:

  1. HEY, SO WHO SHOULD COACH THE MAGIC?: Philip Rossman-Reich dives deep on several contenders for the Magic's coaching vacancy. You'll want to stick around for his last pick. It's one I would endorse, if my endorsement is the sort of thing you value.
  2. WHY NOT BORREGO?: Instead of hiring a new coach, the Magic could simply keep James Borrego around for at least another season. As Borrego told the media--via our own Zach Oliver--no other candidate can boast three years' experience with Orlando's core group.
  3. WHAT'S HARRIS WORTH?: That question, perhaps more than any other, will drive the Magic's offseason. Can they afford to max out Tobias Harris, even with the salary-cap set to explode in a few years? For whatever it's worth, I'm more bullish on Harris than Zach is. Even accounting for his tendency to ball-stop, Harris provides much-needed scoring and rebounding at his position, and he's still years away from his prime.
  4. THE BUCK STOPS...: with Rob Hennigan, who took ownership of Orlando's failure to meet even modest expectations. On the one hand, that's a stand-up statement! On the other, what else is he supposed to say?
  5. NOSTRADUMB---: Holding myself accountable so you don't have to..

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Stay tuned to OPP later Friday for more on the Magic's coaching search.

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