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Magic face long odds in 2015 NBA Draft Lottery

Orlando has only an 8.8 percent chance of selecting first overall in June.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

We've known for a few days now that the Orlando Magic would have an 8.8 percent chance of owning the top pick in the 2015 NBA Draft. The conclusion of the NBA's regular season Wednesday night, however, crystalized the rest of the board and gave us a concrete idea of which teams have how many lottery combinations when the ping-pong balls get vacuumed up on May 19th.

Below are the full lottery odds.

Team Record Top pick % Top-three pick %
Minnesota Timberwolves 16-66 25.0 64.3
New York Knicks 17-65 19.9 55.8
Philadelphia 76ers 18-64 15.6 46.5
Los Angeles Lakers 21-61 11.9 37.8
Orlando Magic 25-57 8.8 29.2
Sacramento Kings 29-53 6.3 21.5
Denver Nuggets 30-52 4.3 15.0
Detroit Pistons 32-50 2.8 10.0
Charlotte Hornets 33-49 1.7 6.1
Miami Heat 37-45 1.1 4.0
Utah Jazz* 38-44 0.7 2.7
Indiana Pacers* 38-44 0.7 2.7
Phoenix Suns 39-43 0.6 2.2
Oklahoma City Thunder 45-37 0.5 1.8

Because the Jazz and Pacers finished with identical records, a coin flip will determine which of the two teams gets an extra tenth of a percentage point in landing the top overall pick.

In the last five NBA Draft Lotteries, the team with the fifth-best odds--which Orlando holds in 2015--has won the lottery once, retained the fifth pick once, moved down to sixth twice, and moved down to seventh once. The Magic can pick no worse than eighth in the 2015 NBA Draft.

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