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Orlando Magic secure NBA Draft Lottery odds

As a result of their loss to the Heat on Monday, the Magic are assured of an 8.8-percent chance of winning the NBA Draft Lottery.

Victor Oladipo
Victor Oladipo
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Parts of the Orlando Magic's future are uncertain, but one aspect of it locked into place Monday night: as a result of their 100-93 loss to the Miami Heat, the Magic will finish with the NBA's fifth-worst record in the 2014/15 season. On Wednesday, they established they cannot "catch" the Los Angeles Lakers for fourth-worst; Monday's loss, in turn, guarantees the Magic the Sacramento Kings can't "catch" them for fifth-worst.

Under the current NBA Draft Lottery system, the team which finishes with the league's fifth-worst record has an 8.8-percent chance of snagging the top overall pick, a 9.7-percent chance of winning the second pick, and a 10.7-percent chance of selecting third. Further, Orlando stands a better chance of sliding down to pick sixth (36 percent) than remaining in its present number-five slot (26.1 percent).

Everything will become more clear on May 19th, when the NBA holds its Draft Lottery. Orlando has needs at virtually every position and also must weigh the free-agent futures of frontcourt players Tobias Harris and Kyle O'Quinn, so it promises to be an interesting time.

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