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Elfrid Payton did not get a haircut

The rookie's iconic 'do is still intact, despite the Magic's April Fools' Day efforts to make you believe otherwise.

Elfrid Payton
Elfrid Payton
Elsa/Getty Images

Early Wednesday afternoon, the Orlando Magic posted a story on their website reporting that Elfrid Payton, their star rookie point guard, cut his iconic hair and sported a new look at shootaround. The story made the rounds, even from unlikely sources: the team's public-relations Twitter account, which is locked and typically straight-laced, linked to it.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of the indefatigable Alex Kennedy, the Basketball Insiders wunkerkind, we know for sure that Payton has not, in fact, parted ways with his signature 'do.

"Whew, I just texted Elfrid Payton," tweeted Kennedy. "The hair is intact. It was an April Fool's joke."

Payton, his hair, and the rest of the Magic are back in action Wednesday against the San Antonio Spurs. And that's no joke.

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