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Standing pat best option for Magic at trade deadline

Orlando didn't make any moves at the deadline. Here's why that was the right call.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For the second straight season, the Orlando Magic didn't make any moves at the trade deadline. With the recent changes taking place in the coaching staff, it makes more sense for the team to stand pat then to make a rash move that might not be beneficial.

Over the past few weeks, rumors swirled that both Maurice Harkless and Andrew Nicholson could be had, some reports going as far as to say the Magic wouldn't ask for much in return. Both third-year players have struggled to get on the court in 2014/15, but could still be assets for the team moving forward.

Harkless, who's started 101 games in his brief career, has the tools to be a prototypical '3-and-D' player in this league. He's tenacious on the defensive end, and has proven willing to step up and guard some of the best players in the league. His offense still needs some work, yes, but there were improvements made during the offseason, and he just needs the time to get out there and show them off.

Nicholson, on the other hand, has a well refined offensive game, but struggles defensively. He's shown an array of post moves that most big men in the league don't have, and could still make an impact with a new coaching staff, if given the time.

With their current position, just giving Harkless and/or Nicholson away for next to nothing would be pointless. The Magic still lack the "star" that they so desperately need, and both Harkless and, to a slightly lesser degree, Nicholson can give the team things that they so desperately need. If it turns out that neither one of them has a future with the team, then the Magic can move them in the offseason, for potentially more than that they would've netted the team Thursday.

Aside from Harkless and Nicholson, the Magic didn't have a ton they could move. Veterans Ben Gordon and Luke Ridnour might have had some value, but with second-year options on both of their contracts, moving them wouldn't have made a huge difference due to the expected low return they would've had.

With 26 games remaining in the season--and a new head coach coming in the offseason, assuming James Borrego doesn't ace his Orlando audition--the Magic did the right thing in standing pat and not trading their pieces for minimal to no return. It gives them a chance to continue to evaluate their roster and who fits and who doesn't. For now, the Magic just have to sit back, relax, and let the rest of the season play out before pieces begin to really move.

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