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Introducing Matt Graber, our newest writer

A brief introduction to Orlando Pinstriped Post's newest writer, Matt Graber.

Victor Oladipo
Victor Oladipo
Elsa/Getty Images

Please join me in welcoming Matt Graber to the Orlando Pinstriped Post team. We're thrilled to have him. - ED

What's up, guys?

My name is Matt Graber and I'm the newest contributing writer for Orlando Pinstriped Post. Before I get started writing I wanted to briefly introduce myself and let you know a little bit about me.

I'm a diehard, lifelong sports fan and I've been watching basketball since I was a little kid. I played for my middle school team, where I quickly realized that an NBA career wasn't in the cards, so I shifted my focus to writing.

I graduated from James Madison University last May with a degree in Communication Studies and I've been pursuing a career as a sports writer ever since. I started out covering the Washington Wizards for Sports Media 101 before moving to Fansided and now SB Nation. In addition to covering the Orlando Magic at OPP, I write about the Wizards at Wiz of Awes and tennis at Lob and Smash.

I've never covered the Magic but I've been watching them closely this year, and despite their record and the coaching turmoil, I still like what I see. This team has a lot of intriguing young talent, and I think the future is definitely bright. These guys are gonna make some noise in a couple years.

I'm very excited to be writing for Orlando Pinstriped Post and I look forward to interacting with you guys throughout the season. Look for my debut article later this week. Hope you guys enjoy. Go Magic!