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Evan Fournier is off to a strong start for the team, and in fantasy

Evan Fournier has strung together four straight strong performances and could continue to have value in daily fantasy.

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Following a rocky preseason that saw him struggle to consistently find his shot, Orlando Magic swing man Evan Fournier has started the season off on a high note. After an abysmal three point, four rebound performance against the Washington Wizards, Fournier has scored 19 or more in four straight, including a career-high 30 in the teams lone win of the season in New Orleans.

While it's just one week, and Fournier has proven to be a streaky player, he's been the Magic's best player night-in and night-out following the first game of the season. Aside from his impact on the team, Fournier has also made a large impact fantasy wise.

Going for just $4,500 in FanDuel's daily leagues, Fournier has out played his value by a considerable amount. After the first game against the Wizards -- a game in which he scored just 13 points -- Fournier has put together four games with 27 points or more, including 44 against the Pelicans and 43 against the Rockets. The four strong four game stretch has been enough to give Fournier an average of 37.1 points in FanDuel leagues.

With the Magic set to play another back-to-back this weekend, Fournier figures to be a good play for the remainder of the week. Moreover, should he continue his torrid pace shooting the ball, and finishing around the rim, Fournier's long-term value could sky rocket as well.

That being said, his strong play will undoubtedly catch the eye of those at FanDuel, which could result in the cost to select the Frenchman to skyrocket. Should that happen, Fournier's value could take a hit, especially if he begins to struggle with his shot like he did in the preseason.

Aside from Fournier, Nikola Vucevic -- should he escape his MRI without a major injury to his right knee -- Victor Oladipo and Tobias Harris remain popular picks for the Magic. While Vucevic and Oladipo's value is in the $8,000 range, Harris can be had for roughly $7,300, good value for someone who could go for 20-points and 20-rebounds on any given night.

With his strong play continuing, teams will likely begin to find ways to slow down Fournier. Should he begin to see his numbers fall, he could be relegated back to the bench, a role that he's likely to fill at some point during the season.

The strong start is welcoming, and now is the time to cash in on Fournier's strong play. He's proven to be very streaky throughout his short career, and could begin to cool off at any minute, something that could kill any value he has fantasy wise moving forward.

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