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Orlando Magic Live episode two

The second edition of Orlando Magic Live is jam packed after a busy week for the Magic.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After debuting the show last week, Orlando Magic Daily's Philip Rossman-Reich and I return for the second episode of Orlando Magic Live. After a jam packed week that saw the Magic go 3-1, we had a lot to talk about throughout our 30 minutes.

With Victor Oladipo going down in Wednesday night's win over the Los Angeles Lakers with a concussion, we discussed his injury, and the impact it could have on the team moving forward, especially with the teams thin depth in the backcourt due to C.J. Watson's calf injury. We also discuss what we've seen from the team in the last week, and how we both believe the team needs to, and will continue to, build consistency throughout the end of the month.

As always, you can also download the podcast on iTunes via OMD's Podcast page, as well as watch it on YouTube.

We'll be back next week, and as always, are looking for interaction. You can ask us both questions on twitter, or via email, and we'll answer them on next weeks episode.