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NBA 2K15 player ratings: Nik Vučević, Victor Oladipo lead Orlando Magic roster

The young members of Orlando's core stand as the highest-rated players in the latest installment in the popular NBA 2K series, which hits stores on October 7th.

Enes Kanter and Nik Vučević
Enes Kanter and Nik Vučević
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

2K Games will release NBA 2K15, the latest iteration of its popular series of pro basketball videogames, on October 7th. Via Operation Sports, here's a look at the ratings for the Orlando Magic's players.

Our observations on what stands out:

Vucevic rules

Vucevic finally cracked the 80 barrier--rare territory for a virtual Magic player since the Dwight Howard trade in 2012--making him Orlando's best player in the game. Playing as the young seven-footer in previous NBA 2K games felt like a chore, given the game's underestimation of his offensive skill. This digital Vucevic might not command double-teams, but he should be able to put the ball in the basket with a bit more ease compared to previous versions.

Missing Marble

Orlando signed rookie swingman Devyn Marble in July, but he doesn't appear on its 2K15 roster, at least not at launch. In previous years, 2K has waited a bit before adding to its rosters certain second-round Draft picks. It appears as though Magic fans hoping to control the former Iowa Hawkeye will need to sit tight.

O'Quinn hosed

One can make a decent case that O'Quinn, the third-year big man, stands as one of Orlando's five or six best players. 2K seems to disagree, making him the second-lowest-rated player in its Magic roster, just ahead of Dedmon. While O'Quinn certainly has his limitations--he's not terribly athletic, nor does he score reliably apart from garbage buckets--he's an excellent passer, situational defender, and rebounder. A rating in the mid 70s would suit him better.

Positional questions

Operation Sports' recap doesn't indicate at which positions 2K lists its players. As NBA 2K veterans know, those positions play a role in determining overall ratings. Oladipo can play either backcourt position, for example. Does 2K consider him a point or a two? The same question applies to the combo forwards Harris and Aaron Gordon.

What stands out to you about the Magic's ratings in NBA 2K15?

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