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NBA free agency 2014: Bill Simmons, Zach Lowe react to Orlando Magic's moves

The reported additions of Ben Gordon and Channing Frye have left the Grantland scribes confused.

Channing Frye
Channing Frye
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

At around the 27-minute mark of Tuesday's The BS Report, Grantland writers Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe briefly discussed the Orlando Magic's reported decisions to add Channing Frye and Ben Gordon via free agency, which contracts those players cannot sign until July 10th at the earliest. Neither Simmons nor Lowe understands the choices the Magic have made this offseason.

"Orlando is like the [Milwaukee] Bucks from last year," says Lowe. "No one can figure out what the hell they're doing."

"They've just assembled all these great athletes who can't shoot. It's a bizarre way to put together a team." Bill Simmons on the Magic

According to Lowe, news of Orlando's decision to sign Frye, 31, to a four-year contract worth $32 million confused folks in and around the NBA. "There are a lot of people around the league, I was surprised, who were like, 'that's a terrible deal,'" Lowe says. "'Channing Frye's not as good as you think he is. He was good last year, whatever the numbers are, he was good because [the Phoenix Suns] had [Goran] Dragić and [Eric] Bledsoe.'"

Simmons agrees.

"They're a fantasy team," he says. "They've just assembled all these great athletes who can't shoot. It's a bizarre way to put together a team." He goes on to note that he likes Aaron Gordon and Elfrid Payton, the Magic's picks in the 2014 NBA Draft, but that adding them to a roster already light on outside shooting makes little sense. He also wonders if coach Jacque Vaughn's job might be in jeopardy, given that "he certainly wasn't good last year." Simmons does not refer to Vaughn by name, simply calling him "that coach."

Before moving on to address other NBA free-agent topics, Lowe and Simmons briefly touch on the addition of Ben Gordon. It suffices to say that Orlando's agreement with the 11-year veteran confuses them more than its one with Frye.

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