Writer using RAPM formula likes Orlando Free Agent moves.


Winner – Orlando Magic Let’s ignore Ben Gordon’s expiring contract and instead focus on the two guys that will still be around in 2015 – 2016, when Orlando likely hopes to start being fun and competitive. Assuming the then 24-year old Evan Fournier and 32-year Channing Frye are each good for 2000 minutes, the young Frenchman appears capable of producing nearly six wins, as per SWAgR. All for a paltry rookie contract price of $2.28 million. Frye projects as offering seven wins, for the relatively low salary of $8 million. Almost thirteen wins? Only $10 million in salary? That sounds like some building blocks for a young, fun team in two seasons.

"Offseason Winners and Losers, According to Adjusted Plus-Minus and" -

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