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#NBAMusicians and the Orlando Magic

For whatever it's worth, here are some band names smashed together with Magic players'.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Ethan Miller

Sometime Tuesday night, the hashtag #NBAMusicians inundated the feeds of many a member of Basketball Twitter. Yours truly submitted several tweets with that hashtag, and has applied the same level of brainpower--if one can truly refer to whatever it takes to create NBA band names as "brainpower"--to the Orlando Magic's roster.

In alphabetical order by surname:

  • Backup center and Canadian house producer Dewayne deadmau5
  • Post-punk revivalists and Parisian sharpshooter Gang of Fournier
  • Floor-spacing big and Baltimore-based indie pop act Frye Oak
  • First-round Draft choice and Florida alt-rock quintuplet Aaron Von Bear
  • Ben Gordon Five, the Connecticut two-guard best known for "Brick," and, as a Charlotte Bobcat, for hoisting bricks.
  • Bruising, wrecking ball-like big man Kyley Cyrus parties in the U.S.A. and in the paint
  • Well-traveled swingman and punk icon Willie Green Day
  • Gainesville ska group and New York gadget forward Harkless Than Jake
  • TobiaU.S.S.A. Harris, the onetime Volunteer and current Nashville noise rock group/Magic forward
  • Andrew Nickelback, the pride of Canada
  • Victor Ola3OH!3po, who rocketed to fame with his Rookie-of-the-Year-caliber début NBA season and his 2007 album Want
  • Bruising, wrecking ball-like big man Kyley Cyrus parties in the U.S.A. and in the paint
  • He may get knocked on his [rear] again, but Elfriddlin' Kids Payton feels fine
  • Opposing rebounders must surrender to Cheap Nik Vučević, the classic rock band and Montenegrin center

Though the team has yet to formally ink Luke Ridnour or Devyn Marble, we've created #NBAMusicians for those two as well. Once they officially arrive, one can welcome Ridnour Lady Peace--he's somewhere out there!--and The Devynheads to Orlando.

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