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NBA Draft 2014: Orlando Magic mock consensus is Noah Vonleh and Tyler Ennis

One day before the NBA Draft, one group of experts seems to agree Orlando will add the raw big man and playmaking guard.

Noah Vonleh
Noah Vonleh
Andy Lyons

A panel of four Basketball Insiders experts agrees, with nearly 100 percent certainty, that the Orlando Magic will select Noah Vonleh and Tyler Ennis in the 2014 NBA Draft. Alex Kennedy, Joel Brigham, Steve Kyler, and Yannis Koutroupis agree that Orlando will take Vonleh off the board fourth overall. Three of the four, with only Brigham dissenting, believe the Magic will use the 12th selection on Ennis. Brigham's choice there is Elfrid Payton.

The 6-foot-9 Vonleh shot 52.3 percent from the floor and 48.5 percent from three-point distance in his lone Indiana season. He notched per-game averages of 11.3 points, nine rebounds, and 1.4 blocked shots. While he may not contribute at the NBA level right away, his raw skills and impressive frame appear to have intrigued NBA scouts.

Ennis doesn't have the flair or athleticism of some of the other lead guards in the 2014 Draft class, but compensates for that deficiency with excellent playmaking instincts: he averaged 5.5 assists to just 1.7 turnovers as a freshman for Syracuse, adding to those numbers 12.9 points and 3.4 boards per game.

According to Kyler, Payton may be off the board before Orlando even picks: the Los Angeles Lakers (no. 7 pick) and Sacramento Kings (no. 8) have interest in the Louisiana-Lafayette product. He pegs Payton's "floor" as the Magic at no. 12.

The NBA Draft is set for Thursday, June 26th.

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