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Orlando Pinstriped Post Community Big Board: Finding a No. 7

We march on!

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Former Indiana power forward Noah Vonleh won the No. 6 spot on the community big board, taking 61 percent of the vote. Vonleh averaged 11.3 points and nine rebounds in his only season with the Hoosiers. He's a long-term project, but all of the physical tools are there. He's got the requisite size and athleticism for the power forward position and a soft jumper out to the perimeter.

Finishing behind Vonleh, taking 26 percent of the vote, was former Oklahoma State combo guard Marcus Smart. Combo forwards Dario Saric and Aaron Gordon finished third and fourth respectively, while Doug McDermott earned one percent of the vote.

Now we move on to select the seventh prospect on the board. I'm opening up some more options here, so there will be more guys to choose from for the next several rounds. I'm adding Kyle Anderson, TJ Warren, Rodney Hood, James Young, Adreian Payne and Nik Stauskas to the pool of players. As we get further along, I'll add some more guys.

Remember: You've got until Noon ET on Monday to vote, so make it count. Be sure to drop a comment down below and explain your choice. We're nearing the players who could possibly be available at No. 12, Orlando's second pick. Onward!

1. Joel Embiid

2. Andrew Wiggins

3. Jabari Parker

4. Dante Exum

5. Julius Randle

6. Noah Vonleh