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NBA websites 1996: Orlando Magic offer live chat with Penny Hardaway, other features

An enterprising internet user posted screengrabs of what every NBA team's website looked like in 1996.

Anfernee Hardaway
Anfernee Hardaway
Fernando Medina - NBAE/Getty Images

If you've ever wondered what the Orlando Magic's website looked like before the likes of John Denton and Dan Savage joined its ranks, when Penny Hardaway and Darrell Armstrong still sported pinstripes, you're in luck.

Someone uses the nom de keyboard JonathanTaylorThomasFan posted 65 screengrabs of NBA websites from 1996. The results, as SB Nation's David Roth writes, offer a fun glimpse into the past of, yes, the NBA, but also the internet itself.

The Magic's homepage, as seen in this image, gives word that the team has shelved Hardaway due to knee tendinitis and signed Kenny Smith word. Further down the page, Orlando offers fans the chance to send "Darrell a hoops question" via email.

Elsewhere, the Magic posted a Hardaway chat transcript and, to celebrate their trip to Japan, some basic Japanese phrases.

JonathanTaylorThomasFan's full NBA internet gallery is available here.

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