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NBA Draft 2014: Experts tackle the Orlando Magic in mock

Four Basketball Insiders scribes made their picks on Orlando's behalf in a mock published Sunday.

Dante Exum
Dante Exum
Gary Dineen - NBAE/Getty Images

A panel of four Basketball Insiders experts came together Sunday to post a new mock 2014 NBA Draft "based on based on the latest news, workouts and information from in and around the process." The lack of agreement between Joel Brigham, Alex Kennedy, Yannis Koutroupis, and Steve Kyler appears to reflect a level of uncertainty about each team's needs and how the Draft prospects fit into them, but Tuesday's NBA Draft Lottery ought to make the situation more clear.

Kennedy and Kyler agree that the Orlando Magic will make Dante Exum the third overall pick in the Draft. Brigham selects Jabari Parker on Orlando's behalf instead because his mock has the Philadelphia 76ers selecting the Australian combo guard second overall. Meanwhile, Koutroupis has Orlando passing on Exum in favor of Oklahoma State's Marcus Smart, another tall, athletic combo guard.

There's no consensus on whom the Magic will select with their second first-rounder either. Kennedy and Brigham peg Croatian center Jusuf Nurkić as Orlando's man, but Koutroupis and Kyler disagree: Koutroupis has the Magic using the WoNK on Michigan State two-guard Gary Harris, while Kyler projects Orlando to roll with Tyler Ennis, the Syracuse point guard who became a favorite of some Orlando Pinstriped Post readers in the final months of his collegiate career due to his steady, efficient play.

The NBA Draft Lottery is set for Tuesday at 8 PM Eastern. Orlando owns a 15.6 percent chance of landing the top selection and cannot pick lower than sixth. Their second first-rounder, the WoNK, will come from either the Denver Nuggets or the New York Knicks, whichever team has the least favorable selection after the lottery.

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