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How would Orlando Magic fans have made their team's season more fun?

If Magic fans could change anything about how the team's second rebuilding season went, what would it be? Orlando Pinstriped Post invites its readers to answer that question

Nik Vučević and Kyle O'Quinn
Nik Vučević and Kyle O'Quinn
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Orlando Magic's 2013/14 season did not proceed the way many of its fans probably wanted it to go. Sure, the team secured the league's third-worst record at 23-59, assuring itself of a top-six pick in a loaded NBA Draft class, but even the promise of a brighter future cannot completely wipe away the dim reality of the present.

With that fact in mind, I thought it'd be worth exploring this question: how would you, the Magic fan, have made the season better?

Your answers can be as realistic or as fanciful as you like, and you need not limit them to on-court concerns. "I would have eliminated 'Gangnam Style' from the Amway Center playlist" and "I would have liked Victor Oladipo to play while wearing a jetpack" are equally as valid as "I would have run more post-ups for Andrew Nicholson" and "I would have made the team wear throwback uniforms for the whole season."

So let's hear your suggestions for a more fun Magic season, from the serious to the whimsical, in the comments. And be sure to make liberal use of the rec buttons on the suggestions with which you most strongly agree.

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