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Magic's Pat Williams teams with Florida Hospital to fight blood cancer

The founder of Orlando's NBA franchise wants to build a dedicated myeloma center in Central Florida.

Pat Williams
Pat Williams
Jesse D. Garrabrant - NBAE/Getty Images

In 2011, doctors diagnosed Pat Williams with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the blood which affects 24,000 adults in the United States each year. The Orlando Magic's senior vice president, whom the team honored earlier in its 25th anniversary season for his role in bringing the NBA to Orlando, received treatment for the disorder and is, we're happy to note, presently in remission.

Wednesday night, Williams announced his plans to help build a "dedicated Multiple Myeloma Center," an endeavor he's undertaken with Florida Hospital Orlando. Such a center could increase the chances of a myeloma patient's survival fivefold.

Williams and Florida Hospital need to raise $25 million to build the center, and they've asked for the Central Florida community's help in reaching that goal. To donate to this cause, please visit