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How Tobias Harris' game-winning dunk stacks up against Dwight Howard's

The third-year forward made a spectacular play to close Friday's victory against the Thunder. Here's how it compares to a similar one Howard made almost exactly seven years prior.

Tobias Harris
Tobias Harris
Sam Greenwood

Tobias Harris' dunk as time expired Friday gave the Orlando Magic a stunning win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, 103-102. Orlando swingman Arron Afflalo said he'd never seen "a dunk game-winner with no time on the clock," but Magic fans sure have.

Harris' big finish called to mind a similar one Dwight Howard made for Orlando almost exactly seven years prior in a win against the San Antonio Spurs. Here's a look at how the plays stack up against one another:

9 Feb 07
vs. San Antonio
7 Feb 14
vs. Oklahoma City
Video Link Link
Deficit overcome 18 17
Opp. record
(Won 1)
(Won 2)
Magic record
(Lost 3)
(Won 1)
Assist Hedo Türkoğlu Maurice Harkless
Dunker Dwight Howard Tobias Harris
Play type Dead-ball alley-oop,
after timeout
Live ball
Time left 0.2 0.0

After revisiting the plays and seeing the details surrounding them, which one do you think was more impressive? Please vote in the poll embedded within this post.